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Re: Bug#1895: run-parts does not run scripts without #!/...

Ian Jackson writes:
> The whole design of system() in Perl isn't conducive to good
> error-trapping.  I suppose it might be better to use fork oneself.
> Jeff (you're the maintainer of this package, aren't you?) - would you
> like me to send you an update that uses fork directly and produces an
> error message in this case ?

My plan is to rewrite run-parts in C or C++.  However, I probably won't
have that done until next weekend.  I've never done any perl programming
before, so i'd like to avoid making changes to the perl script unless
you think this bug is urgent enough to warrant it.

This still doesn't resolve the problem with --test listing scripts without
"#!".  Any clever solutions to that one?  :)


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