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Re: kernel crisis?

Ian Jackson writes:
> Bruce Perens writes ("kernel crisis?"):
> > I have a problem here. The binary interface of the 1.3.x kernel is
> > diverging from the 1.2.13 system to the extent that it's difficult to
> > keep one binary system that runs both kernels. 
> This is clearly a Bad Thing.  In a way it's easier for us because we
> can provide scripts and things to sort out the mess, but the poor
> masses out there are going to be very annoyed when they find their
> systems unbootable because the binaries that worked with 1.2.x are
> useable with 1.4.
> Hasn't anyone pointed out the need for backward compatibility to the
> linux-kernel people ?

The linux kernel mailing list has been offline for several weeks afaik

> >  I hear that the net
> > utils change for 1.3.4x too. I can keep tracking 1.2.13 for a while, I
> > hope, with help. Perhaps we should hint to Linus that it's time to go
> > to 1.4 and try to arrive at a stable version. Just as long as they
> > first make scsi drivers probe the bus when they are loaded from
> > modules.
> The accounting and quota patches should make it into 1.4.  They've
> been stable and waiting to go in for quite a while.

Personally I'd be surprised if we got a 1.4 before january, I'd say we've
probably got another 20 patches of 1.3 to go at least, it's only just become
stable since about 39.


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