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Re: Bug#1895: run-parts does not run scripts without #!/...

Jeff Noxon writes:
> My plan is to rewrite run-parts in C or C++.  However, I probably won't
> have that done until next weekend.  I've never done any perl programming
> before, so i'd like to avoid making changes to the perl script unless
> you think this bug is urgent enough to warrant it.

No, fine.

> This still doesn't resolve the problem with --test listing scripts without
> "#!".  Any clever solutions to that one?  :)

Yes.  Have run-parts --test list the script and then when you run it
for real produce a message saying `failed to execute such-and-such,
Exec format error'.

This is analogous to what it should do if the #! line lists a missing
interpreter, or the executable format isn't supported by the kernel,
or something similar.


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