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Re: kernel crisis?

Bruce Perens writes ("kernel crisis?"):
> I have a problem here. The binary interface of the 1.3.x kernel is
> diverging from the 1.2.13 system to the extent that it's difficult to
> keep one binary system that runs both kernels. 

This is clearly a Bad Thing.  In a way it's easier for us because we
can provide scripts and things to sort out the mess, but the poor
masses out there are going to be very annoyed when they find their
systems unbootable because the binaries that worked with 1.2.x are
useable with 1.4.

Hasn't anyone pointed out the need for backward compatibility to the
linux-kernel people ?

>  I hear that the net
> utils change for 1.3.4x too. I can keep tracking 1.2.13 for a while, I
> hope, with help. Perhaps we should hint to Linus that it's time to go
> to 1.4 and try to arrive at a stable version. Just as long as they
> first make scsi drivers probe the bus when they are loaded from
> modules.

The accounting and quota patches should make it into 1.4.  They've
been stable and waiting to go in for quite a while.


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