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kernel crisis?

> 1. Who is responsible for kernel versions? If you use a kernel version
>   less than 1.3.43 you'll need to apply a patch. So I probably need
>  to know the maintainers of the 1.2.x and 1.3.y versions.

I am the victim who issues the Debian-ized kernel.

I have a problem here. The binary interface of the 1.3.x kernel is
diverging from the 1.2.13 system to the extent that it's difficult to
keep one binary system that runs both kernels. I hear that the net
utils change for 1.3.4x too. I can keep tracking 1.2.13 for a while, I
hope, with help. Perhaps we should hint to Linus that it's time to go
to 1.4 and try to arrive at a stable version. Just as long as they
first make scsi drivers probe the bus when they are loaded from

> 2. Who is responsible for entries in the /etc/services file?

Peter Tobias <tobias@et-inf.fho-emden.de>

> 3. How do I get a possibly non-existing manpage removed within the
>   installation procedure?

What package installs it? If it's your package, remove it from the
debian.preinst or debian.postinst script (have your package install
such a script - look at the way other packages do that). If it's someone
else's package, nudge them about it.


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