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Re: Bug#1887: cfengine 1.2.14-2: documentation errors

In article <[🔎] Pine.SUN.3.91.951123125952.5512K-100000@bb29c> you wrote:

: > We should document what we ship as we ship it.

: No argument, but that implies lots of work for maintainers
: when initially building packages and when upgrading to new
: upstream releases.  I'm not sure that it's practical.

I think it's necessary.  If the package maintainer thinks about it and takes
the necessary action before initial release, that's great.  If someone finds
the discrepancy, reports it as a bug, and it gets fixed, that's ok.  If it
gets reported as a bug and isn't fixed, then I'd get frustrated...

I freely admit that this level of work has kept me from finishing the
packaging of a couple of things I'd like to release to the community.  I
suppose I could relax my own standards and put the bits out since they'd
probably be considered useful even if the docs and post installation config
automation aren't perfect, but I suspect I'll just try to make time to get
them right before universal entropy is maximized...


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