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Re: New package: die

> Erick Branderhorst writes ("New package: die"):
> > Description: 
> >  die: Kill a job by process name, instead of number.
> Can I ask a stupid question ?  In what way does this program differ
> from `killall', and wouldn't it be better to integrate this a bit
> better into killall or miscutils or something ?
> Having lots of packages is good, but half a dozen (probably often
> poor) implementations of the same tiny script in half a dozen
> different packages doesn't seem optimal to me.
> Ian.

Not stupid at all Ian :)  I emailed him personally when he released it and he
said he'd investigate the differences and if they were more or less the same
he'd get it removed.  He didn't know about the killall command until I told
him about it <smirk> :)



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