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Re: antisocial X11 apps: xtet42, chimera

In article <[🔎] m0tIWeN-000AZaC@kryten.it.com.au> you wrote:
: Kenny Wickstrom writes:
: > My X server is 
: > on my Win 95 machine.  So to get xtet42 to install I needed to add the 
: > --force-depends to the dpkg command line.

: xtet42 depends on X11R6 and recommends xserver. This is what Ian Murdoch
: said all X packages should do.

I don't understand why this makes sense, for two reasons.  Ian M, was there
some other good reason for this suggestion that I've missed?

First, in general, I'm not aware of any case (yet) in which a recommends line
has caused me to do anything in an install that I wouldn't have done otherwise,
and in several cases (this one, the inewsnn recommending trn which I don't 
care about problem, etc) it's been a royal pain, and continues to be every time
I update.  Ergo, I think recommends is, at best, too strong.

Second, the whole point of X, to me, is that you can run clients on one machine
and a server somewhere else.  We build products at work that include X clients
in embedded systems, and I've got a variety of systems in my basement that
have networking and X client code but no video hardware at all.  Ergo, I think
that any sort of explicit relationship in the package file between clients 
and servers is counter to the whole point of X, and should be abandoned...  


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