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Re: I have to leave for a while :(

  kenny  writes:
  kenny> a2gs - Is this superceded by genscript?  
  kenny> a2ps - Pretty much a dead

I think we should throw these two out. 

In July, I filed bug#1112 against a2gs. This bug is still open. As Kenny
could provide no solution (IMHO it's an upstream problem), I tried some other,
similar packages, a2ps among them.

genscript is a first-class replacement and does more than these two packages.
It is IMHO the best ascii-to-postscript filter out there. And it is GPLed.

Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca          http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd 

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