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I have to leave for a while :(

Dear All,

My PhD  thesis is entering its final  stages,  and I have  several job
offers dependent on an early  completion date, so  I've been forced  -
against my will - to suspend all my Linux and Debian activities.

I have been the maintainer of the following packages...

a2gs - Is this superceded by genscript?
a2ps - Pretty much a dead end now.
linuxdoc-sgml - Needs updating to v.1.4 - simple, nothing complicated
		about this one.
ispell - Not much maintainance.
ispell-{british,american} - These come from the ispell source package.

I also wanted to take on wenglish, etc but time is against me now.

Does anybody want to take on these packages?  I'm willing to take them
on again soon, perhaps in February or March, but I suppose the move to
ELF will (may)  have been completed by then,  so somebody will need to
at least rebuild them.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with Debian, and  I've learned a great
deal.  After all, I am  a geophysicist,  not  a computer scientist  :)
Perhaps the best thing I can say about Debian  is that I have a stable
0.93 beta system running since August and  *all* of my thesis write up
is  being  done on  it.   For this  alone,  I am   truely grateful  to
everyone's heroic efforts!

I may still read these mailing lists when I have a spare five minutes,
but like  giving up smoking, I'm resigned  to making a clean break for

Best wishes for the next few months - I'll see you all again!

| <K.MacDonald@ed.ac.uk> "http://www.glg.ed.ac.uk/~kenny";  Try Linux!  |
| Portuguese/English/French Translations/Teaching by Native Portuguese |
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