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Bug#1656: etc/ntp.dFrom <@mongo.pixar.com:debian-devel-request@Pixar.com> Tue Nov 21 23:34:18 1995

Karl Ferguson writes:

>It seems that after I installed the majordomo package it placed the
>folowwing entry in /etc/passwd:
>Ok, that's fine but doing an "ls -l majordomo" in /var/lib produces
>drwxrwsr-x   4 101      majordom     1024 Nov 22 02:24 majordomo/
>What is user 101 if I may ask?  Definately no user in /etc/passwd (or
>on my NIS server) with UID 101.  This may not be a bug, but I think
>there should be at least a UID 101 in /etc/passwd entry - note that
>'majordom' is UID 102

Yes, it is a bug.

What is supposed to happen is that the preinst creates a group and
user for majordomo; files are supposed to be in the .deb file owned by
user majordom and group majordom, and represented in the tar file
inside the .deb file by text strings - so that they get set to
whatever numeric values were set up by the preinst.

Physically examining the tar file from the .deb I uploaded reveals
that it does, indeed, have the text values of the user name and group

You will probably find majordomo doesn't work very well unless you
chown anything owned by user 101 to be owned by majordomo.

Is there a group with gid 101 on your system?

What is the gid of the majordom group on your system?

This needs some experimentation.

Richard Kettlewell richard@uk.geeks.org http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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