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Bug#1881: Majordomo UID wrong?

> >It seems that after I installed the majordomo package it placed the
> >folowwing entry in /etc/passwd:
> >
> >majordom:*:102:102::/usr/lib/majordomo:/bin/false
> >
> >Ok, that's fine but doing an "ls -l majordomo" in /var/lib produces
> >this:
> >
> >drwxrwsr-x   4 101      majordom     1024 Nov 22 02:24 majordomo/
> >
> >What is user 101 if I may ask?  Definately no user in /etc/passwd (or
> >on my NIS server) with UID 101.  This may not be a bug, but I think
> >there should be at least a UID 101 in /etc/passwd entry - note that
> >'majordom' is UID 102
> Yes, it is a bug.
> What is supposed to happen is that the preinst creates a group and
> user for majordomo; files are supposed to be in the .deb file owned by
> user majordom and group majordom, and represented in the tar file
> inside the .deb file by text strings - so that they get set to
> whatever numeric values were set up by the preinst.
> Physically examining the tar file from the .deb I uploaded reveals
> that it does, indeed, have the text values of the user name and group
> name.
> You will probably find majordomo doesn't work very well unless you
> chown anything owned by user 101 to be owned by majordomo.
> Is there a group with gid 101 on your system?
> What is the gid of the majordom group on your system?
> This needs some experimentation.

Hmmm, as it happens there IS a GID 101 in /etc/group (I havent checked it
lately) but it is as as follows:


Then underneath that there is:


I think that perhaps another package installed a 101 in GID as console and
therefor stuffed up my installation perhaps?  Not too sure there - ideas?


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