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Stupid elf migration questions?

I just performed a new debian installation on an extra partition on my
drive using the stuff from debian-1.0 and the new elf packages so I
might be able to help with some development, and I had a couple of
hitches.  Is there any readme about moving to elf (i.e. should I RTFM)?

Anyway, I noticed that neither libc4 or libc5 installed any headers in
/usr/include.  Is that intentional?  Without the headers, nothing will
compile.  Also, what's the status of an elf libg++?

Another problem I had (probably not debian's fault) was with my X
server (accelerated X - I have a Matrox card).  It has an elf version
that is automatically used, but only if it detects libc5.  This worked
fine, but the problem is that it requires libtermcap.so.2.  I assume
that this is just their problem?


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