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Bug#1830: version of doc behind linuxdoc package

Hallo Guido M. Witmond!

}Package: linuxdoc-sgml
}Version: 1.2-2
}The /usr/doc/linuxdoc-sgml/guide.* files are from version 1.1.
}See: guide.sgml:
}	This guide documents
}	Linuxdoc-SGML version 1.1.
}I suggest the package is upgraded to version 1.4.

I think these are just numbers, the files aren't touched.

If you look at them, and if you write something with this package
you'll probably find that there's much stuff missing. Only a small
subset of the cabability of linuxdoc-sgml is mentioned in the guide. A
good linuxdoc-sgml-mode for emacs is missing, too (mine isn't good so
I won't announce it).

Greg didn't chang anything major in the package. And he hasn't changed
anything of major interest in the documentation. Just drop him a line
and I think he will fix it.



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