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Bug#1831: pgp-i bug..


Today I decided to configure pgp-i, and I came across 2 bugs.
1 is already listed as bug #1103, and is caused by a non excisting
.pgp directory, and pgp doesn't create one, and so can't create it's
output files. The other one isn't listed. When I run pgp -kg to
generate a key, It ask me to choose 1, 2 or 3 or to type the number of
bits. When I enter 2, It's says It will generate a 768 bit key, but
when it is asking for random key presses, it only needs 4 random bits,
which is 1 keypress. If I type 768 when asked the size of the key,
It needs 248 random bits. So the number of bits isn't correctly set at
768 bits when you choose 2 (and maybe 1 and 3, haven't tested that).


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