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Re: RFC: A default html file

  Ian Jackson writes:
  Ian>  Why can't we just stick with `doc' containing both sets of
  Ian> documentation ?  Is there any point in splitting the package up ?

Having two packages permits the user to select the one she wants. There might
be people who can live without the HOWTOs or the Debian doc.

I get a 'du' of around 1.2 megabyte for the new sets of HOWTO plus the
Linux-FAQ I will package. If we add the Debian manual to that, we get quite a
voluminous package.

  Ian> There is IMO nothing wrong with dashes in the filenames.

Yes, and they are more readable. 

  Ian>  If we put a simple default file containing mainly links in
  Ian> /etc/debian.html then the user can edit it without having it
  Ian> overwritten, and can change what their browsers see without
  Ian> reconfiguring them all.

That was my idea. Put such a (small) file there now so that future releases
of the browsers can use it for setting the default page.

  Ian> A better solution would be to make it possible to reconfigure all
  Ian> browsers' home pages at once.

Are you proposing that a 'whatever' doc package reconfigures the browsers?
I'd be afraid of quite some side-effects and surprises.

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