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Re: Free CD's to authors

andrew@kryten.it.com.au (Andrew Howell) said:

> Some of the authors of the software we have packages have asked for
> a free copy of the CD in return for them letting us put it on the CD,

Which would seem to contradict their copyright statements.

> or just out of gratitude. 

But that's another thing entirely.

>                           What's our policy on this? I assume if they
> did it would be Bruce's or the FSF's CD?

What're "we" called nowadays?  Used to be Debian Associates.
In any case, we don't produce CDs.  Perhaps we ought to check
this out with Bruce (with his CD producer hat on) or the FSF.
Requests like this will probably continue to trickle in to
debian-devel, and we really should handle them consistently.

If Bruce or the FSF is willing to provide complementary CDs to
debian contributors who want them, perhaps we can forward such
requests over there for processing.

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