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Re: Free CD's to authors

Bill Mitchell writes:
> andrew@kryten.it.com.au (Andrew Howell) said:
> > Some of the authors of the software we have packages have asked for
> > a free copy of the CD in return for them letting us put it on the CD,
> Which would seem to contradict their copyright statements.

No, not everyone uses the GPL.

This program is copyrighted (c) 1995 by Holger Schemel.

It is freely distributable as long as no profit is made with it
and as long as the package is left complete and unmodified.

The fact that this program comes with full source does not mean
that you can do what you want with it - it is only intended to
give you the chance to build it on your own machine.

If you want to distribute this program on CDROM, you have to ask for
permission first -- just send me E-Mail and tell me what kind of
CDROM it is. Normally I will give my permission if
 - the CDROM itself contains only freely distributable software
 - the author of this program (me!) gets a free copy of the CDROM
 - the program is distributed in its original, unmodified package

If the three conditions above are fulfilled, this permission will
automatically given to the following CDROM distributions:
 - InfoMagic "LINUX Developer's Resource"
 - The Debian Linux Distribution CDROM
 - any CDROM with a mirror of sunsite.unc.edu or a mirror of another
   FTP server that contains this program

If you are in doubt (e.g., want to distribute a pre-installed version),
feel free to mail me about it (see the file 'README' in this archive).

Holger wrote one of the games i've packaged, mirror magic and a boulderdash
clone, rocks 'n diamonds which I'll probably package soon.


Dehydration - 34%, Recollection of previous evening - 2%, embarrassment
factor - 91%.  Advise repair schedule:- off line for 36 hours, re-boot
startup disk, and replace head - wow, what a night!
                -- Kryten in Red Dwarf `The Last Day'

Andrew Howell				               andrew@it.com.au 
Perth, Western Australia		      howellaa@cs.curtin.edu.au 

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