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Re: Free CD's to authors

This is my personal policy:

Currently, I am distributing CD-writables, not mass-produced CDs. Because
these cost a lot more than the mass-produced CD. I will make one for any
contributor at my cost for the media and mailing. I'd probably go broke
quickly if I did not ask for that, as I am about $4000 in negative
numbers on my business already. Most of that's what I spent on the 4X CD
writer, 2 hard disks, SCSI card, cables and terminator, CD-writable and
floppy media, envelopes, address and disk labels, internet service, voice
mail service, business license, post office box etc.

I will go to mass-produced CDs soon. When I do so I will provide free
CDs without the documentation and floppies for contributors. Most of them
can make the floppies and print the docs without trouble if they have them
on CD, and that will let me get by at a cost I can live with.

I also am contributing to the development of new software, first of all
through my own labor, and second by sending cash contributions. I'm
arranging to send a portion of my CD _income_ (there aren't any
"profits" yet) to Linux International, earmarked for "Debian".  (I
asked Ian M. who to talk to there, no answer yet). Debian doesn't have
its own non-profit corporation set up yet, and frankly I don't think
FSF shares our goals, so I'd prefer to go through Linux International.
For tax reasons I want to make the donations through a non-profit.

Various people have sent me CDs in exchange for my work on Electric Fence
(which is in almost every Linux distribution) and Debian. Most of them
seem happy to do so when asked.


	Bruce Perens

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