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Re: 1.0 issues: Packaging (esp. source)

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, J.H.M.Dassen wrote:

> [...]
> Desirable goals for source packaging
> ------------------------------------
> - Upstream sources should be used unmodified.
> - Distribute wholly unmodified source
> - Have the source extracted and patches by a 'debianizer' script.
>   This could be akin to perl5-style patches (a sh script combined with
>   the patch).
> [...]

Back in the eary days of the project, before binary packages and
long before dpkg, I argued for distributing unmodified upstream
sources and debianizing diffs.  I lost that argument, but I
had futzed around with a debianizing script, and I find that I
still have a copy.  I'll include it below.  I haven't retried
it because I'm busy with other things.  I had also argued that
the original sources should extract into <package>-<version>,
as is usual with upstream sources, and that the debian sources
should be placed in <package>-<version>.debian.  I lost that
argument too and I see that this script perpetuates that lost
argument, which I still believe is not the way we should be
doing this.

Anyhow, here's my very old script.  It might serve as a starting

# this shell script produces the debian source package
# it requires that that the debian source be in $PACKAGE
# and that the original pre-debian source be in $PACKAGE.orig
# it assumes that this script is run from inside $PACKAGE
PACKAGE=`basename $DIR`
# check for the original package
if [ ! -d ../$PACKAGE.orig ]
    echo ERROR:  $PACKAGE.orig not found
    exit 1
# archive the original source package
# we want the tarfile to extract it into $PACKAGE
cd ..                                        # get up to the parent directory
mv $PACKAGE $PACKAGE.temp.$$                 # rename the debian package
mv $PACKAGE.orig $PACKAGE                    # rename the original package
tar --create --file $PACKAGE.tar $PACKAGE    # make the tar file
mv $PACKAGE $PACKAGE.orig                    # rename the original package
mv $PACKAGE.temp.$$ $PACKAGE                 # rename the debian package
gzip -9 --force $PACKAGE.tar                 # compress the tar file
cd $PACKAGE                                  # back down to the debian directory
# make and gzip the diff file
# NOTE -- to apply the diffs
#         1.  place the original sources in $PACKAGE
#         2.  place the the patch file in the parent directory
#         3.  invoke "patch -d <patch_file" from the parent directory
cd ..                                        # up to the parent directory
diff --context --recursive -P $PACKAGE.orig $PACKAGE >$PACKAGE.diff
gzip -9 --force $PACKAGE.diff                # compress the diff
cd $DIR                                      # back down to the debian directory
# we're done
exit 0

I recall that I later approached this from a slightly different angle,
which might be better.  That was to distribute a machine-built debianizing
shell script which wrapped the debianizing diffs in a script to apply
them.  I don't seem to have a copy of that, but it ought to be pretty
trivial to do.

Also, I think RedHat does something like this in their package admin
tools.  That's been discussed a bit in debian-devel, but I don't think
anyone has taken the time to look at it.

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