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1.0 issues: Packaging (esp. source)

Subject: 1.0 issues: Packaging (esp. source)

Short Description

There appears to be concensus among the developers that the current
source packaging system, which has debianized source packages, 
should be replaced by a system that uses unmodified source.

Desirable goals for source packaging

- Upstream sources should be used unmodified.
- It should be as useful as reasonably possible for non-debian
  users and non-debian distribution maintainers.
- The source packaging system should support non-intel architectures.


- http://www.redhat.com/alpha/alpha.html  Red Hat's Linux on Alpha page.
- http://www.redhat.com/rpm.html	Red Hat's packaging system.
- mailto:linux-bogus@cs.unc.edu 	The Bogus developers.
- http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/iwj10/linux-faq/section1.html#cpu
	ports to other architectures.
- http://www.freebsd.org/, http://www.netbsd.org/ The freeware BSDs.
- http://www.wi.LeidenUniv.nl/Beheer/texi/standards_toc.html
	the GNU coding standards
- vger mailing lists: linux-{admin,fsf,qag,standards}


- Distribute wholly unmodified source
- Have the source extracted and patches by a 'debianizer' script.
  This could be akin to perl5-style patches (a sh script combined with
  the patch).
- First apply platform-independant patches
- Then apply platform-dependant patches
- Then apply debian-specific patches (optional, but on by default).
- Provide a standardized compilation front end (a la debian.rules) 
  as part of the non-debian-specific patches.
- Develop this (PCKGSTND?) in discussion with other Linux distributions,
  the non-intel porters, the FSF and perhaps the BSD distributions.

Issues to be resolved / TO DO

- Tools for making a debianizer (anybody got a better name?)
- Update the packaging guidelines
- Take the pros but not the cons from current packaging schemes
- How to do architecture-dependance stuff with the control, {pre,post}{inst,rm}
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