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Re: package uploading probs

Just finished with my 1st cup of coffee today :) 

Nice to see there's some discussion on this topic underway. 

Martin Schulze writes:
>Hallo Matthew Bailey!
>}> directory across some sites with good connectivity and use rdist(1) to keep them
>}> in sync? Major mirror sites might be good canditates for this.
>}I would probably suggest just mirror as a program to keep them up to date.
>}If there is a SINGLE site then this would not be a problem.
>Are you sure that mirror is a good idea? How are files on a european
>mirror deleted? I won't make sense retrieving them again every hour.

Junk your mirror program, if it refetches files - at the very least rewrite it :)

In my original post I proposed sort of a distributed package upload directory for
developers. Despite the directory name, some of you guys 'n gals fetch packages
from ftp.debian.org's incoming directory as soon as they are announced. At least
that's what I conclude when seeing bug reports for packages not yet in public view.

OTOH in general I don't like any polling approaches - maybe that's a personal
preference. Why should you add to network traffic only to find out there's
nothing to be mirrored?

Are there any security problems when using rdist on mutually trusted sites?
I'm using it only on a LAN where I'm the only user I wouldn't trust :)

Sorry Matthew, I know you don't like rdist. Is there any compelling reason for
your dislike?

>}I would mirror them into a directory called 
>}private/project/incoming-europe I have talked about this before but I 
>}beleive that no one was able to come up with a site.
>}Let me know the URL and I will begin an hourly mirror of it, asuming that 
>}is OK with the rest of Devel.
>I think it's a good idea. There are some debian mirrors in europe I
>know of: ftp.leidenuniv.nl and somewhere at *.uni-dresden.de.

ftp.uni-paderborn.de wasn't in debian.mirrors last time I checked.

>If you decide to so, It would be a good idea if that machine gets an
>alias as ftp.europe.debian.org, so that it can be easily found and

That probably isn't a good idea. Since the primary purpose is a regional upload
directory, it will be used only by a limited set of people who should know what
they are doing.

-- Siggy

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