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Re: package uploading probs

Hallo Matthew Bailey!

}> directory across some sites with good connectivity and use rdist(1) to keep them
}> in sync? Major mirror sites might be good canditates for this.
}I would probably suggest just mirror as a program to keep them up to date.
}If there is a SINGLE site then this would not be a problem.

Are you sure that mirror is a good idea? How are files on a european
mirror deleted? I won't make sense retrieving them again every hour.

}I would mirror them into a directory called 
}private/project/incoming-europe I have talked about this before but I 
}beleive that no one was able to come up with a site.

}Let me know the URL and I will begin an hourly mirror of it, asuming that 
}is OK with the rest of Devel.

I think it's a good idea. There are some debian mirrors in europe I
know of: ftp.leidenuniv.nl and somewhere at *.uni-dresden.de.

If you decide to so, It would be a good idea if that machine gets an
alias as ftp.europe.debian.org, so that it can be easily found and



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