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Re: Aladdin Ghostscript license

Peter and Andrew,

Please forgive me for not responding earlier regarding the Aladdin Ghostscript

The only snag I see here is that Debian will be placed on a CD-ROM and sold
for profit by various publishers (I'm one, FSF is one, there are probably a
dozen others). It's not clear to me that your license would allow distribution
of Aladdin Ghostscript on that disc. In the past, we have solved this problem
by getting a specific license to sell the program as part of the Debian 
distribution or a distribution derived from that distribution. Would that be OK
with you?

I'd be happy to send you a disc if that sort of license is OK with you.
I'll be producing CD-writables this weekend.


	Bruce Perens

See Pixar's "Toy Story", at a theatre near you starting November 22.

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