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Re: Aladdin Ghostscript license

Sale for profit of a CD-ROM including a program governed by the Aladdin
Free license is allowed as long as everything on the CD-ROM may be copied
and redistributed without further fee for (at least) non-commercial
purposes.  I.e., as long as everything (both software and documents) on the
CD-ROM is governed by a GNU, Aladdin Free, public domain, X-like, IJG-like,
or similar license, the Aladdin License allows selling the CD-ROM for
whatever price the publisher chooses.

If this is not the case for the Debian CD-ROM, a commercial license will be
needed.  The typical such license for CD-ROMs that are nearly (but not
entirely) freely redistributable includes a modest one-time payment, a
requirement to include full source code and the Aladdin License on the
CD-ROM itself, and a requirement to include a copy of the Aladdin License
in printed material accompanying the CD-ROM.  If this is necessary, please
contact me separately.

				L. Peter Deutsch

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