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Re: sysklogd-1.2-13 released

Martin Schulze writes ("sysklogd-1.2-13 released"):
> I'm just trying to upload this package. The changes are only minor
> ones. Here are the relevant ChangeLog entries
> ...
> 	* changed the name in control file (Bug#1695)
Aaargh, no !

Please, change it back.

Ian Murdock wrote:
> * The name of the package appears to have been changed to "sysklogd",
> but the control file still says "syslogd", and the package is still
> referenced via dpkg as "syslogd".  If the package name has actually
> changed, it should be changed in the control file, and it should
> also declare a conflict with "syslogd".  I'm not convinced changing
> the name is a good idea, but this is the correct procedure for doing
> it.

Changing the name is indeed not a good idea.  My network connection is
dead at the moment, so I can't download the package, but there are
likely at least to be some problems with conffiles which may cause
people's changes to their conffiles to be lost.

Package names should not be changed without a good reason.

Ian M.: please do not move this release into the public area.


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