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Re: ChangeLog format

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> said:

> Bruce Perens writes ("Re: ChangeLog format "):
> > Please make sure, whatever [alternative] upload announcement [...]
> My format is suitable, except for one piece of information which it
> doesn't contain: the subsection for the package.  I'm not convinced
> that this information ought to be supplied by the package maintainer,
> rather than the distribution. [...]

I agree with Ian on this.  dchanges(1) supports this because it was in
the changes file format definition you gave.  However, I've argued
in the past that package location in the distribution should be
determined centrally.  In fact, I see that it is determined
centrally, at least in some cases, since the dchanges package
itself included a "SECTION:  misc" field in the control file, and
has ended up in project/experimental.

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