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Re: ChangeLog format

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>

> I think there are some people who are doing an awful lot of automatic
> copying of information from one place to another, with reformatting
> en-route ...

Could be.  I don't think I'm one of them.  If I were doing that, it'd
be no concern of yours.

> [...]
> I was just saying that a changelog file, as a log of changes, doesn't
> need to contain information about the md5 checksums &c of each
> released version.

And mine doesn't.  It contains the Priority and Changes info for the
package announcement.  I gather from a separate post that you've never
used dchanges or read the man page.  I've sent you a copy of the package.
Reading the man page will help.

> [...]
> I think the problem I have here is that my way of working doesn't
> involve having a tool that generates release announcements.  I make
> them by cutting and pasting the easily hand-edited Changelog entry
> into my mailer, together with the output from my `Upload.sh' script
> (which basically does md5sum * and ls -l *, as I said before).  This
> all seems far too trivial for me to try to turn these tiny scripts
> into released software.  Surely people who are building software for
> release and hacking debian.rules files and so forth can write a 5 or
> 10-line utility shellscript to fit their way of working ?

The point of Bruce's new Changelog format, which dchanges supports,
was to standardize the package announcements so that they'd all
be sure to contain certain items of information, and so that they
could be machine-parsed.  Each separate maintainer using his own
personal 5 or 10 line script works against that.

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