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Bug#1682: Re: permissions on directories

Austin Donnelly writes ("permissions on directories"):
> Remember the fiasco with /usr/sbin being world writeable?
> Well, I tracked it down: I had a look at the base discs I installed, and
> what do I find:
>   /usr/lib/kbd
>   /usr/lib/terminfo
>   /usr/lib/terminfo/c
>   /usr/lib/terminfo/l
>   /usr/lib/zoneinfo
>   /usr/doc
>   /usr/sbin
> are all world writeable.
> So it wasn't me playing silly buggers - it was the 3 base discs!
> Austin (feeling righteous:)

Don't tell me, tell debian-bugs :-).  I've added the number of your
original bug report to the Subject and CC'd this message there.

Bruce: I trust that the latest disks don't have this problem.  Do we
know how this happened ?


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