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Re: an idea in search of comments

Bruce Perens said:
> From chuck Thu Oct 19 15:52:46 1995
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> From: Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com>
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> The MIME presentation worked OK with my mail user-agent, EXMH. It was a good
> deal more ugly and clunky than if you had simply embedded the URLs for the
> same files in your message. EXMH would have recognized and highlighted the
> URLs, and if I clicked on them it would have started Netscape to follow them.
Alas, that functionality doesn't seem to be universal.  Pine didn't want
anything to do with the URLs I embedded in a message.  Which is more
prevalent?  Does it matter?

> I understand this is more of a complaint about my mail user-agent than about
> the concept of using MIME.
> 	Thanks
> 	Bruce
One thing I've yet to test, but have been told works, is the 
message/alternative MIME-type.  Apparently, you can write the
message such that different locations or access-methods can be
available.  If the first one doesn't work (say host is not
responding) then it tries the second, etc.  This could provide
a mechanism where alternative ftp servers could provide the packages.
The same mechanism allows for alternative access-methods as well.

If I made a package available, the order might be ftp.richnet.net
via anon-ftp, bertha.richnet.net via mail server, ftp.debian.org
via anon-ftp.  I believe that this would not present any more
complex user interaction than my first example.


Charles A. Stickelman				<stick@richnet.net>
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