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Bug#1505: setterm is missing

Bruce Perens:
> I think there was a copyright problem with "setterm" that caused us to
> remove it from the distribution a long time ago. If I recall correctly,
> it didn't allow distribution for a fee, which is of course essential to
> our CD-ROM redistributors.

Hmm, setterm is distributed on countless Slackware CD-ROMs at least...
Aren't we too paranoid about copyrights?

Now that I have read the source, it says that the "conditions of use,
modification and redistribution are contained in the file COPYRIGHT that
forms part of this distribution" but I can't find this file anywhere.

Has anyone tried to contact the author (Gordon Irlam gordoni@cs.ua.oz.au)
about this?  From a quick test using EXPN it seems that his e-mail address
is probably still valid even though setterm was written in 1990...


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