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Bug#1505: setterm is missing

Hm. There seems to be some confusion about who the author is.

Unfortunately, we can't be _too_ careful about copyrights. For the
CD-ROM distributiors, there is a significant risk of getting sued (and
losing the lawsuit) if we haven't verified that we have the right to
distribute these programs. The publicity would not be pretty. As a
fledgeling CD-ROM distributor myself, I have an incentive to get this
stuff right. I can't presently afford to get sued.

As to the program existing in Slackware, etc., for countless distributions,
perhaps they got individual permission from the author, or perhaps they
overlooked the problem or they don't care. We choose to operate differently.

I do know that there are some very sloppy CD-ROM manufacturers out there.
I'm not saying who they are. They are definitely selling things that they
have no legal right to sell.



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