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Re: Very weird stuff on ftp.debian.org

Ian Murdock writes ("Re: Very weird stuff on ftp.debian.org"):
> I noticed this today, too, but I forgot about it until now.
> Basically, after logging in and noticing "Permission denied", I did
> a "cd /", and then a "cd", and everything appeared to work normally
> after that.
> It shouldn't be happening, of course, but this is how I got around it.

Hmm.  Unfortunately I'm trying to use rcp, which doesn't seem to be
able to cope.

Bruce Perens writes ("Re: Very weird stuff on ftp.debian.org "):
> I think it's an old BSD bug. The directory /debian.org, before anything
> else is mounted on it, has odd permissions. You have to unmount what's
> on top of it to see that, but I bet that's it.

Could the superuser not cd to /debian.org and chmod .. ?

I suppose that taking the machine down to fix the underlying fs is
probably not advisable.

Also, the /debian.org directory (rather than the mountpoint) ought not
to be world-writeable, really ...

PS: re the tarring and/or gzipping of the whole archive: can you not
disable .tar.gz without disabling plain .tar (the latter is quite an
efficient way to do things if you really want the whole archive) ?


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