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Re: virtual packages and X11 vs. X11R<specific_number>

Ian Murdock writes ("Re: virtual packages and X11 vs. X11R<specific_number>"):
> Well, the X11R5 and X11R6 libraries weren't compatible, and it is
> likely the X11R6 and X11R7 libraries won't be, either.  In this
> case, the packages will have to be updated.  We don't want people
> thinking they can use an X11R6 package under X11R7, or vice versa.

But they *can*.  They have to install the R6 xlib package, and the R7
server and xbase.  Perhaps every X application should say
 Depends: xlibraries-R6
 Recommends: xbase
rather than
 Depends: X11R6


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