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Re: FTP arrangement

>some significant complexity for developers of libraries.  I'm not sure
>how elf handles this -- possibly the program specifies which version
>of the library it's looking for and there's an instancing scheme to
>select one of several releases of a function for cases where there's
>been an interface change.

	This is the one thing that has not been worked out all that
well.  There is the xstat-like hack that SVr4 uses which we also use -
you do something like:

#define stat(A,B)	xstat(VERSION,A,B)

so that a version number is passed into the function.  There are other
schemes that people have proposed, but I have yet to see something really

>Last time I checked (and it's been a couple weeks) the upgrade plans
>for moving to an elf-based-linux were still in flux.  Basically, there
>are lots of little issues to resolve before it can become a reality.

	There are??  You had better tell me what they are quickly, so that I
can get to work! :-).

	All of the remaining issues are very minor ones.  These are the
sorts of things that can be fixed later without any problem, so there is
no reason to hold up a release.  Any changes we make at this point will
have to be backwards compatible to what we have today.

>Personally, I suspect that it should be possible to build a library
>that's both elf and a.out.  It would probably require setting aside
>some special name in an elf name-space, and hardcoding some interface
>into the kernel to use that name under certain circumstances.  [much
>hand waving here.]

	This gives me a headache just thinking about it.


"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  But I have promises to keep,
And lines to code before I sleep, And lines to code before I sleep."

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