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Bug#1503: How to remove fvwmr5

Erick Branderhorst writes ("Bug#1503: How to remove fvwmr5"):
> Package: fvwmR5
> Version: 1.24r-
> Libc: libc.so.4.6.27
> Kernel etc: Linux eb 1.2.10 #1 Tue Jun 13 18:37:28 EST 1995 i486
> Reporter: repair 0.1
> Subject: How to deinstall fvwmR5
> I tried the following commands but no luck.
> # dpkg --list | grep fvwmR5
> # dpkg --status fvwmR5
> # dpkg --remove fvwmR5
> # dpkg --force-hold --remove fvwmR5

There is a bug in the fvwmR5 package which makes it try to delete
/usr/doc/copyright/fvwm, and which makes the package removal fail if
the file doesn't exist.

There are at least three ways to solve this:

1)   # touch /usr/doc/copyright/fvwm
     # dpkg --remove fvmwR5
     # touch /usr/doc/copyright/fvwm
     # dpkg --purge fvmwR5

2)   # rm /var/lib/dpkg/fvwmR5.postrm
     # dpkg --purge fvwmR5

3) Get the package maintainer to upload a fixed stub fvwmR5 package
that can overwrite the old package, supplying a non-failing postrm,
and then remove that package again.

dpkg will not properly remove packages whose postrm scripts fail.
There used to be an option to ignore failure of maintainer scripts in
the old Perl dpkg, but this has the potential to cause so much havoc
if people are actually persuaded to use it that I didn't reimplement
it in the new C version.


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