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Bug#1502: Uniform lists in debian.control

Erick Branderhorst writes ("Bug#1502: Uniform lists in debian.control"):
> Package: ltxtool ltxgraph term    ical  mtools   wu-ftpd
> All the above listed packages have a list of items in their description
> in debian.control. In order to improve dselect and how it is presented
> to the user it would be better to use a uniform way of listing these.

This is a good idea.  However ...

> A list like this (MODERATE?):
> - Item 1
> - Item 2

... whatever way we do it it is very important (a) that all lines of
all descriptions are indented by one space, so that they don't look
like new header fields (dpkg-deb will catch this mistake) and (b) that
any lists like that that need to be formatted as-is rather than
linewrapped be indented by at least one extra space.  Ie, something

Package: ltxgraph
description: Color and graphics in LaTeX
 This is a pre-release of LaTeX packages for:
  * producing color
  * including graphics (eg PostScript) files
  * rotation and scaling of text
 in LaTeX documents.

(this is an actual example from the current distribution).


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