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Bug#1494: X11 Font Server start/stop scripts

Ian Jackson wrote ...

>Kenny MacDonald writes ("Bug#1494: X11 Font Server start/stop scripts"):
>> /etc/rc6.d/K1xfs - I changed this to be K99xfs, and started getting
>> 	output at shutdown again.  It didn't seem to be getting
>> 	stopped with such a "high" priority number.  Perhaps there is a
>> 	problem with init?

>The scripts have to be match [KS][0-9][0-9]\w+, ie there must be two

I now renumbered xfs and xdm to K10, which is OK.  This is still a bug
in xbase-3.1.2-3 - I checked last night.

>> xbase.postrm:
>> 	Doesn't call 'update-rc.d' to remove the xfs entries.

>This should only happen if the postrm is called with `purge' as its
>argument (as that means the user said `dpkg --purge' rather than just
>wanting a removal or upgrade)

This is inside a case 'purge' block.  It does remove the xdm entries,
but forgets the xfs entries.


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