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Bug#1500: adduser makes a .bash_profile in the invoking user's directory

Package: adduser
Version: 1.94-1

I recently used the adduser script for the first time in a while, and
was most puzzled when bash stopped executing my .profile.

Eventually I tracked it down to a rogue .bash_profile file that had
been created by some program.  I deleted the .bash_profile, and bash
worked properly again.

I just ran adduser again and it put the .bash_profile back !

My cwd and HOME were all set to /u/ian, and I have used the
adduser.conf variable to set the home directories to appear under /u.
The user whose account I was creating didn't have their .bash_profile
edited by adduser to make the umask 002 (it should have been edited,
since I have usergroups turned on).

I suspect the lack of a directory name in a destination filename


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