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root disk problems

I ran into several problems while testing the root disk.

1. The symbolic link /vmlinuz -> /boot/vmlinuz-1.2.13 does not exist.
   This is one reason that it isn't possible to create the boot floppy.
   I suspect this link was deleted when Ian revised the "image"
   package. Ian did not see the problem because it did not show up
   until I made new base disks with the new "image" package. I'll
   upload a new "image" package to fix this problem, and make new base

2. If you can't create a boot floppy, you have to press reset to break
   out of the loop. There's no escape to the shell, interrupt doesn't

3. In the "There was a problem creating the root disk" notification box,
   it should suggest "Make sure the disk isn't write-protected. The disk
   must be formatted - an unformatted one won't work. If nothing else helps,
   try another disk."

4. In the disk selection menu box, rather than "First IDE disk", try
   "First non-SCSI hard drive"  . ST-506 disks on the AT hard disk controller
   are still supported, and we probably don't want to say "IDE/MFM/RLL/ST-506" .

5.. The modules menus should say how to check the boxes.

6. The "cancel" button should go back to the previous menu. It never does,
   as far as I can tell. There's no way to back out.

7. In the block modules menu, "aztcd" is not "???", but the
   "Aztech/Orchid/Okeano/Wearnes non-IDE CD-ROM drive".
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