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Re: Bug#1421: hello-1.3

Bill Hogan writes ("Bug#1421: hello-1.3"):
>   Package: hello-1.3-4.tar.gz & hello-1.3-4.diff.gz
>   Problem: diff refers to nonexistent files `hello.cp' & `hello.cps'

You're trying to apply the diff to the Debianised package, which is
the wrong thing to do.  The diff actually tries to empty the files
hello.cp and hello.cps.

However, there _is_ a bug here: the GNU hello package contains the
files hello.cp and hello.cps, which are removed by `make distclean'.
I've reported this bug to the FSF, who will no doubt fix it in due

I'm closing this bug from our tracking system, since the bug doesn't
appear in our distribution (hello-1.3-4.tar.gz and .deb).


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