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Re: Bug#1421: hello-1.3

Ian Jackson writes:
 > Bill Hogan writes ("Bug#1421: hello-1.3"):
 > >   Package: hello-1.3-4.tar.gz & hello-1.3-4.diff.gz
 > > 
 > >   Problem: diff refers to nonexistent files `hello.cp' & `hello.cps'
 > You're trying to apply the diff to the Debianised package, which is
 > the wrong thing to do. ...

   Is there an X such that hello-1.3-4.diff.gz is the `diff' between X
and `tar zxvf hello-1.3-4.tar.gz'?

   If so, what is it?

   If not, what is hello-1.3-4.diff.gz?


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