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Bug#1382: rcs not recognized by dpkg

Michael E. Deisher writes ("Bug#1382: rcs not recognized by dpkg"):
> On Wed, 20 Sep 1995 00:56:52 +0200, sr1@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de (Sven Rudolph) said:
> > I cannot imagine that this is a problem of the rcs package.
> > It works for me :
> > Any ideas?
> Did you install it using dselect (0.93.75)?  Did you try installing
> the cvs package afterward?  On my deselect screen, the "configured"
> box for rcs is empty no matter what I do, even if I remove it and
> install it again.  There are no errors during installation or
> configuration.  However, when I install a package that depends on rcs,
> dpkg says that it cannot because rcs has not yet been configured.

I don't have any problems selecting or deselecting RCS and/or CVS in
dselect, and I can install rcs quite happily.  I don't know what you
mean by the `"configured" box' being `empty' - there isn't a
`"configured" box'.  There's a current installation status box (the I
column of HIOS), which always contains a non-blank character.  In
0.93.75 and later you can use the `v' key to get a more verbose
display which explains things in words instead of funny characters.

Can you please show me a session transcript where you do
  dpkg --install .../rcs.deb
  dpkg --install .../cvs.deb
  dpkg --status rcs cvs

I'm using dpkg 0.93.76, the latest, but there have been no changes in
this area that I'd expect to solve symptoms like yours.

Your rcs package isn't on hold is it ?  If it were you'd get messages
from dpkg about it, and you could use dpkg --force-hold or the `G' key
in dselect.


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