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Bug#1376: base: dpkg warnings

Brian Johnson writes ("Bug#1376: base: dpkg warnings"):
> Package: base
> Version: Sept 16
> After installing the September 16 pre-release version of the base
> system, I ran 'dpkg -i netbase-1.15-1.deb' and got these warnings:
> dpkg: serious warning: files list file for package `ncurses-runtime'
> missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.
> [etc]

Bruce, you need to make sure that the
/var/lib/dpkg/info/<package>.list files exist.

Don't make them empty unless you're really short of space; if possible
make them have only the files which are installed, or possibly all the
files in each package.  dpkg should record the right info in them
automatically when you use it to put the packages in the area where
you're building the base disks.

(It doesn't matter too much if the files that are in the reduced
basedisks are listed, as dpkg won't moan about files that appear to
have disappeared since installation.)


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