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Re: source packaging

Bill Mitchell writes:

>1.  Change the diff target to produce debianizing patches.
>    Name the output .dpatches.gz instead of .diff.gz.

I don't understand what you want to change the diff target to, in any
case.  The present diff target produce the diff between the original
source and the Debianised source; this sounds to me exactly like what
you are proposing to change it to.

Clearly I'm missing something obvious.

>2.  Change the build target to use the ../.dpatches.gz file to

Making assumptions about the location of the patch file may be
probably a bad move?

>    debianize the sources and place a stamp-debian file.  Don't redo
>    the debianizing if the stamp-debianize file is present.
>    ("debianize-stamp" might be a better choice, to simplify deleting
>    stamp-build, stamp-configure, etc. during package builds and
>    rebuilds.  The exact procedure could use some thought here.).

This requires debian.rules to exist in the main source archive, of
course.  Now we've got a modified source package which has to be
modified yet further to compile for Debian!

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