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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

On Sat, 9 Sep 1995, J.H.M.Dassen wrote:

> > Indeed. We're discussing changeing the source format. Perhaps it
> > is best to have
> > 1. an unmodified source
> > 2. a "debianize" script [description deleted]
> [...]

How about doing this through a debian.rules Guidelines modification.
new-style debian.rules files might:

1.  Change the diff target to produce debianizing patches.
    Name the output .dpatches.gz instead of .diff.gs.

2.  Change the build target to use the ../.dpatches.gz file to
    debianize the sources and place a stamp-debian file.
    Don't redo the debianizing if the stamp-debianize file is
    present.  ("debianize-stamp" might be a better choice, to
    simplify deleting stamp-build, stamp-configure, etc. during
    package builds and rebuilds.  The exact procedure could use
    some thought here.).

That'd fit well with current build procedures, which should remain

1.  Extract the sources.

2.  Change to the extraction directory.

3.  Type "make -f debian.rules { build, binary, diff,  clean, ... }".
    (perhaps releatedly)

The approach chosen should allow current-style source packages to coexist
gracefully in the distribution with new-style source packages.

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