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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

James A. Robinson writes:

>> Network-based installations are *definitely* part of our target
>> market (I hope!) and `use a CD-ROM then' is not an answer to the
>> problem of too many floppies.
>Umm, while I partly agree that we need to be able to have admins able
>to download ftp.debian.org:/debian/* and NFS install it -- I think
>that a lot of networks can/will also NFS mount the CDROM.

Why assume that there's any CD ROM drive involved at all?  Sure, CD
ROM has taken off in a big way, but there are still many places out
there with network connectivity but no convenient CDROM.

I can think of at least two real-world examples, one small, one
perhaps very large.

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