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Re: Debian for Linux/{non-i386} / source packaging

> How about doing this through a debian.rules Guidelines modification.
> new-style debian.rules files might:
> That'd fit well with current build procedures, which should remain
> unchanged:
> 1.  Extract the sources.
> 2.  Change to the extraction directory.
> 3.  Type "make -f debian.rules { build, binary, diff,  clean, ... }".
>     (perhaps releatedly)
> The approach chosen should allow current-style source packages to coexist
> gracefully in the distribution with new-style source packages.

That's true. But if I understand your scheme correctly, it still involves
adding files to the upstream package. I believe that one of the reasons
for keeping upstream sources without any modification is that this
allows a total seperation of source and debianization, which mean that
the upstream package can be checksummed, its timestamps are preserved 

Ian J, Bruce, any comments?

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