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Request for article(s): Sys Admin Journal

_Sys Admin_ journal is going to cover Linux in the January 1996 issue.
I do not think I am alone in my sentiments towards this journal: I
find it very informative and respectful.

This would be a great opportunity to get the fruits of Debian's labor
out in the open.  I'm not suggesting that it be directly related to
Debian specifically, but at least this is a chance to publicize that
something has been done.  :)

Anyway -- here are the specs.

Proposals due 15 September 1995.  Manuscripts due 10 October 1995.
Proposal should be 1-2 paragraph abstract, 1 page outline, a brief
description of your background, and the number of lines of code
required (if applicable).

If the proposal seems appropriate, they'll ask for a manuscript.

Send to:

Managing Editor
Sys Admin
1601 W. 23rd St. Ste 200
Lawrence KS  66046

voice: (913) 841-1631
fax:   (913) 841-2624
email: saletter@rdpub.com

Mike D.

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