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New bugs request processor

It is now possible to reassign bug reports to other packages, and to
reopen erroneously-closed ones, by sending mail to

The mail you send should be a series of commands, one per line.
You'll receive a reply which looks like a transcript of it
interpreting them and telling you what it's doing.  In each case, no
notification is sent to anyone; however, the messages are logged and
made available in the WWW pages.

I shall update the WWW help pages to describe this server, but I don't
think it needs to be announced on debian-announce, as it is of limited
use to people in general.

The commands are:

reassign <bugnumber> <package>

Records that bug #<bugnumber> is a bug in <package>.  This can be used
to set the package if the user forgot the psuedo-header, or to change
an earlier specification.

reopen <bugnumber>

Reopens <bugnumber> if it is closed.  If it is not closed it won't do
anything.  If the bug is closed it is reopened, and you are recorded
as the originator of the report, so that you will get the ack when it
is closed again.  This is to avoid flooding potentially-naive users
with many notifications about the same report.


Displays some very simple help.

Suggestions for future additions are welcome, though anything that
requires the sending of notifications to various parties about the
state(s) of bug report(s) is unlikely to be implemented.


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